Helping you to enjoy our snacks responsibly

We're committed to encouraging you to enjoy our snacks responsibly. The Eatwell Guide recommends that 8-10% of your calories can come from a snack as part of a balanced diet. For an average adult needing 2000 calories per day, that's 160-200 kcals.

What have we done so far?​

Every day millions of people across the UK enjoy our products.

We have developed our portfolio over the years to offer a wide variety of enjoyable snacks, offering options for every taste, lifestyle and occasion.

We believe that a more sustainable food system should meet human needs for both nutrition and enjoyment.

Making our labelling clearer

We're committed to providing clear and informative food labelling and recognise how it can play an important role in helping people manage a balanced diet. We have voluntarily provided % Reference Intake (RI) information based on the amount of each nutrient and energy value in a portion of food on the front of our product packaging for many years.

Recognising the consensus building for a single consistent labelling system, we were among the first to sign up to the Department of Health's voluntary front of pack nutritional labelling scheme, which includes both % reference intakes and traffic light colours.

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