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Question: I still have an old promotional pack, what should I do with it?
Answer: If you take a look at the T&Cs on the back of your pack you will find a promotion closing date. Feel free to enter if there's still time, but if the promotion is closed then we're afraid it's too late!
Question: Do Walkers name Charitable donations?
Answer: Yes, we support local charities in the Leicestershire area only.
Question: Where is your product sold?
Answer: All major retailers and independent stores.
Question: I am interested in working for Walkers. Do you have any vacancies?
Answer: We’d recommend taking a look at our careers page, where you can find out more about opportunities in your area – www.pepsicojobs.com/main/europe/unitedkingdom
Question: How do I complain about something?
Answer: We’re sorry to hear something isn’t right.  Please reach out to Consumer Relations on 0800 274777.  Alternatively you can Tweet @Walkers_Crisps, message through our Facebook page, or use our online form - https://www.walkers.co.uk/contact-us
Question: Where can I get Walkers display stands or other merchandise for my business?
Question: Where are your headquarters?
Answer: Our Head Office is in Reading
Question: How do you ensure that your crisps are value for money?
Answer: At Walkers, we provide a range of bag sizes from 25g multi pack to a larger sharing bag. We continue to invest in our product offering to ensure our crisps are the best quality. 
Question: Where does the logo come from?
Answer: Walkers Logo was redesigned in 1990 to be aligned with the sister company Lays logo.
Question: How old is the Walkers company?
Answer: Walkers was launched by Henry Walker in 1948.
Question: Are you called Lays in other countries?
Answer: Walkers is owned by PepsiCo that also owns the Lays brand. 
Question: Can I buy Walkers Crisps in another country?
Answer: Some of our crisps are exported, please contact consumer services team to find out more. Click here.
Question: I have a great idea for your company, how can I share it?
Answer: We really appreciate feedback from consumers.  For a number of reasons, we’re unable to use ideas from the public, so we have our own in-house product developers, marketing teams and specialist agencies.   

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