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Question: Is Walkers the nation’s favourite crisp brand?
Answer: Yes, Walkers were the best-selling crisp brand as recorded by Nielsen (52 weeks date to 11.05.19)
Question: Will you ever bring back old flavours?
Answer: We continuously review our range so keep on the lookout for any flavours coming back.
Question: Why are there fewer crisps in your multi pack bags?
Answer: Our packs are always filled by weight, with our Walkers Crisps multipack bags containing 25g of crisps.  These packs are slightly smaller, as they’re often enjoyed as part of a meal.
Question: Which is the most popular flavour?
Answer: Our most popular flavour is our irresistible Cheese and Onion!
Question: Have you got any free Walkers Samples?
Answer: Sorry, we’re unable to offer free samples on request.
Question: Why do you not have any new flavours?
Answer: We receive a LOT of flavour suggestions, it’s our consumers’ favourite topic of discussion! We’re always working hard behind the scenes on potential new additions to the Walkers range. This can take years, taking into account consumer feedback and input from our taste testers, packaging engineers and production specialists.  With so much to think about, the hardest part is deciding which flavours and ideas to go with!
Question: Any new flavours coming in future?
Answer: We continuously review our range so keep on the lookout for any new flavours.
Question: Do you still make the crisps with the blue salt sachet?
Answer: We certainly do! They’re called Smiths ‘Salt & Shake’. Each pack contains a blue sachet of salt, so you can add as much or little salt as you like, if any!
Question: Walkers crisps seem to be getting smaller, is there a reason?
Answer: The size of our crisps completely depend on the size of our potatoes. If your crisps have seemed smaller it is likely that the potatoes in that harvest were smaller. 
Question: I cannot seem to find a specific flavour or format of crisps in my store. Are they still available?
Answer: I have listed below a number of Freephone Contact Numbers for Store Helplines which may be useful as they may be able to let you know if they are currently stocking or perhaps, will be stocking Walkers  in the future.    
Asda            0800 952 0101  
Tesco          0800 505555   
Sainsbury     0800 636262  
Waitrose      0800 188884  
Morrisons    (Lo- call rate - 0845 6115000)
Question: How many people work on development of flavours?
Answer: We have a dedicated and first-class team of Walkers employees working on new and the reformulation of the flavours including, chefs, Research and Development consultants and taste testers. In addition we also hold taste tests with over 2000 consumers. 
Question: Why did you switch the colours of Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion flavour Walkers Crisps?
Answer: We’re often asked this! Our Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion flavour crisps packs have always been the colours they are today.  Contrary to popular belief, we’ve never swapped the colours around, not even temporarily.  We’ve no plans to change these designs, as they’re signature to our brand.  
Question: Why do you put Cheese & Onion flavour in your ‘Meaty’ multipack?
Answer: Cheese & Onion may not be meaty, but it’s our most popular Walkers Crisps flavour! We know everyone’s tastes are different however, and we’re always listening to consumers’ feedback.
Question: Why are the colours of your Salt & Vinegar / Cheese & Onion Squares packs the opposite way round to Walkers Crisps?
Answer: Squares were originally produced by Smiths, before becoming part of Walkers in 1989. So to avoid confusion, we’ve left their classic pack colours unchanged.

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