Our sandwich recipes with max Halley

Walkers knows how our crisps make a sandwich lunch better but that inspiration can be hard to come by- that’s why we have partnered with Max Halley of ‘Max’s Sandwich Shop’ fame to create delicious recipes for your lunch.

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Some Crisp Sandwich Inspiration

Dearest Lovely Everyone,

When I was asked to write these recipes joy filled my heart, fireworks popped and fizzed inside me and I rubbed my hands together in glee! The dream job, that for which I have long prepared, had finally arrived!

The Crisp Sandwich features in my most distant memories of food. When my sister and I were little, our Mum used to butter pieces of sliced white, take a few crisps from the bowl her and my Dad were sharing, fold the bread over them and present us with these mysterious items to eat. A lifelong love affair began.

Decades later, as Sandwicher-In-Chief at Max’s Sandwich Shop, I still make, think about, experiment with and most importantly, enormously enjoy, the fine art of putting crisps between pieces of bread on a daily basis.

Eating other people’s sarnies, I am frequently let down by the lack of something genuinely crunchy, and I’m not talking about lettuce. A well-applied crisp makes a good sandwich great and a great sandwich extraordinary.

As you peruse these recipes, I hope that your mind will be filled with remembrances of crisp sarnies of your past, and bursting with ideas for the ones of your future. If you have never had a crisp sandwich before, welcome to the team! We’re all, each and every one of us, very glad to have you here.

So, without further ado: Long live the sandwich, long live the crisp AND LONG LIVE CRISP SANDWICHES!!!!

All the very, very best