GOing Green

At Walkers, crisps are our calling, but to keep doing what we do best, we need to put our planet first. That’s why we’ve launched two sustainability initiatives to reduce our environmental impact – circular potatoes & our crisp recycling scheme.

Your packet's next life

We’ve created the UK’s biggest crisp packet recycling programme. With this scheme, you can recycle crisp packets from any brand (we won’t judge), at over 1,800 drop-off points nationwide.

Find your local
Bravo! Our recycling army has saved
millions of crisp packets
from landfill in the UK so far

The peel good factor

We’ve always known potatoes have potential. Our circular potatoes drive aims to cut carbon emissions by harnessing the power of the peel. With a clever bit of kit, we can transform humble potato peelings into top notch fertiliser, which helps the next generation of crops to grow.

At the Walkers Leicester factory
25% of electricity
is generated by potato peel

Fresh Taste

Founded in 1948 by Henry Walker, we’ve put unbeatable quality at the heart of everything we do for over 70 years…

We harvest the finest potatoes from farms all over Britain – and when they reach our factory, they’re floated out of the truck to keep them in perfect nick.

Our spuds are washed, peeled, sliced and cooked to give them that golden glow, and seasoned whilst warm with our famous flavours!

We’re aiming for potato perfection, so we run taste tests six times a day. And for you to enjoy the great Walkers taste, we use protective packets to lock in freshness, so your crisps taste as good as they day they were cooked… that’s the Walkers guarantee.