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The people behind potatoes

From Walkers’ founding father to our friendly supply farmers, people are the secret to our success.

Henry walker
King of crisps

In 1948, a local butcher named Henry Walker began to sell hand-sliced potato crisps to the lucky people of Leicester. Several million spuds later, Walkers became a pioneer in the world of flavoured crisps, introducing original combinations inspired by Britain’s favourite foods.

Spot the supplier

Our precious produce comes from 80 different British farms, from Land’s End to the Scottish Highlands. Take a look at our map of suppliers to find a farm near you.

Meet Harry

Where: Nottinghamshire
Grows: Potatoes
Favourite snack: Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli

Sherwood Forest-based farmer Harry Strawson and Walkers go together like salt & vinegar. Harry is the third generation of family to grow potatoes for Walkers, and plays an active part in the mission to lower food miles by delivering to the Walkers factory just 45 minutes away in Leicester.

I love our family’s history with Walkers, and have seen our partnership go from strength to strength over the years. We’re in a privileged position to produce potatoes for Walkers, and are delighted to be able to work sustainably with them.

Meet Andrew

Where: Scaftworth, Nottinghamshire
Grows: Potatoes, Dairy, Wheat, Barley and Sugar Beet
Favourite snack: Walkers Worcester Sauce

Andrew and his friend John started growing potatoes on their farm in 2000, and haven’t looked back since. In 2003, they became members of the local growing group for larger scale supply, and started producing potatoes for Walkers. The duo have since been able to add a second generation to the team, with John’s son Tom now learning the ropes.

Since our first crop for Walkers in 2004, we’re proud to say we’ve gone on to grow 9,500 tonnes of potatoes for Walkers – I can’t quite imagine how many crisps that is!

Meet Andrew

Where: Lancashire
Grows: Potatoes
Favourite snack: Walkers Baked Cheese & Onion

Andrew prides himself on being a speedy operator when it comes to supplying for Walkers. His family farm is less than 10 miles from the nearest Walkers factory, and potatoes can be harvested, graded, washed and delivered in less than four hours!

Our approach is towards longevity, and to explore any new opportunities out there that help us grow the best quality potatoes for Walkers crisps. We’ve started to focus on soil health management, and hope this will improve our yield and keep our soil healthier for longer.

Meet Robin

Where: Shropshire
Grows: Potatoes
Favourite snack: Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps

Robin’s potato farm is a family affair, with his brother, dad and nine-year-old son, all being part of the close-knit team in rural Shropshire. They’ve built up a long-lasting partnership with Walkers, supplying their first potatoes in 1976.

Our farm sits on a National Trust estate and is in the higher tier stewardship scheme, so we’re lucky enough to be able to teach classes of school children about our potatoes and the importance of sustainability.

Fresh Taste

Founded in 1948 by Henry Walker, we’ve put unbeatable quality at the heart of everything we do for over 70 years…

We harvest the finest potatoes from farms all over Britain – and when they reach our factory, they’re floated out of the truck to keep them in perfect nick.

Our spuds are washed, peeled, sliced and cooked to give them that golden glow, and seasoned whilst warm with our famous flavours!

We’re aiming for potato perfection, so we run taste tests six times a day. And for you to enjoy the great Walkers taste, we use protective packets to lock in freshness, so your crisps taste as good as they day they were cooked… that’s the Walkers guarantee.